Mailorder Business

Tailored to your specific needs

IBS Mail-Order Business stands for flexible, straightforward, and cost-effective processing of shipping orders.

Incoming goods inspection and proper storage until shipment

Combination of industry-specific and customised processes to suit your business

Administrative handling of all shipping activities (including declaration and customs formalities where required)

Shipping and reporting, offering full visibility of your goods‘ movements

Whether e-commerce, B2B, or traditional mail-order

We work with you to optimise your shipping, create transparency in your supply chain, and improve your customer satisfaction long term.

Reach your customers with IBS Logistics

Process orders quickly and reliably

Our scalable service allows you to get your products and messages to any number of clients, from hundreds to thousands of them.

Whether books, scripts or postcards, we make anything possible. We offer you a variety of shipping options tailored to your individual needs.


We understand that marketing campaigns can have varying levels of success, making it difficult to estimate the possible shipping volume accurately in advance. However, with our flexible mail-order business, we can respond to extreme order fluctuations and guarantee that all orders will reach the end user in a timely manner – regardless of whether it’s only a few hundred orders per month or thousands of orders after a campaign. We adapt to your order volume and make sure that your shipping is handled smoothly and without delays.

IBS Connect® offers a variety of interfaces that are compatible with all popular shop systems (such as Shopify, Shopware, and WooCommerce) and sales channels (such as CopeCart and Digistore). In addition, our in-house IT specialists can create custom interfaces for many other systems.

We collect your returns and inspect the items for damage. We store any undamaged items, while damaged items are either disposed of or temporarily stored in a special area. We also document the returns, sometimes with photos and return documents, to facilitate full traceability. If you have any questions or concerns about your returns management system, our team is here to assist you.